Quick-Step Incizo (Door Bar/Ramp/Threshold Strip)

  • £18.31-19.27 exc VAT

    Dimensions 2150mm(w) x 48mm(l) x 13mm(d)
    Colour Finish: Match my floor
PRICE : £19.27

Quick-Step's patented Incizo profile is a multifunctional finishing tool. One and the same profile can be used for all the finishes your floor needs.

Content: 1 Incizo®, 1 slitter and 1 plastic rail.

Installation tip: Use the included slitter to cut your Incizo® profile to the desired shape.

One Incizo will do two avarage size doors

Why Quick-Step Incizo?

  • 5 different applications with 1 product
  • Practical - You create the profile you need for a perfect finish to your floor
  • Economical - You can use any spare pieces of profile for other purposes, you won't have any excess profiles or leftovers
  • Simple - You always have the right solution at hand
  • No inconvenient seams - in comparison with other types of multifunctional profiles